Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Longest week ever

I just looked at the clock and realized it's done.  Not that I didn't know it was done, but it just puts this final irritating ha ha punctuation mark on my life.  I'm confused as it is, we had an ultrasound a few weeks ago just to check her size and the tech told us our new due date is the 8th, which the Doc confirmed and only last Monday referred back to the 5th as the due date.  So is she late or not?  I'm guessing she's just late, in the spirit of being ornery, which Steve says comes from being a Sandberg (my side of the family).  The Dr. scheduled another ultrasound for tomorrow to see if she's just too big to get out, or if she flipped over and is breeched.  Both of which sound awesome to me and I'm still confused because is she really even late? 

This last week has really taken it's toll on my brain too.  I've totally started to lose it.  It started with Steve's Dr. appointment last Friday.  A pediatrician we interviewed suggested he get a physical and with that a Whooping Cough shot.  That is how she described it.  A Whooping Cough shot.  So doing his job he went to the Doctor.  He called me from the office just to check his shot record to see what shots he had already had (we had to get a battery of shots when we went to Africa and should be inoculated enough to withstand an outbreak of Ebola).  I informed his he had gotten Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid, and Tetanus.  Just like that.  That's what I said.  So Steve came home later talked a little about his arm being sore and I glanced at the papers the Dr.'s office had given him.  Funny, Tdap is the "Tetanus" shot we had both received last June.  Seven months ago.  Not the recommended 10 years you need to wait between shots.  Grabbing the shot record I saw the Tdap notation the nurse had made and proceeded to totally freak out.  I called the CDC people.  When I tell people I called the CDC they look at me like...whoa.  Apparently he's fine and another friend of ours who is a nurse helped me feel better even through feeling totally incompetent like I tried to kill my husband right before we are about to have a baby.  Who does that?

I'm really really embarrassed about this one, I can't believe I'm even going to tell you.  Yesterday I decided to go have my hair done since there won't be any time soon (hopefully)  that I'll be able to go down to Orange County and have it done.  It's about a 45 minute drive.  After debating and changing my mind three or four times I decided to make the drive on my due date.  As I was trying to park my car in the parking lot at the hair salon, I totally clip the van next to me as I'm pulling in.  I am NOT a bad driver.  I have never hit another car.  I should give lessons on how to parallel park because I'm so good at it.  I have never felt more detestable, except for the above mentioned catastrophe.  I got out to look at the van and was pleased to find it was only a minor scratch and the van was already pretty beaten up.  My car only had a small scratch as well.  I left my insurance information and phone number, people in LA hit cars all the time and never leave a note.  My car has a huge dent in it from this very practice.  I say huge but it's not really that big, but I do get looks from people when I get out of my car like I drive around just hitting people with my dinged up car.  The good news is that I did not hit the brand new Mercedes on the other side of my car.  I haven't heard from the owner, so we'll see on that one.

So that brings me to today.  I've decided to try to take matters into my own hands.  And I stress try, because maybe she just can't get out.  I know she wants to, who wouldn't want to come out and meet these wonderful people who are going to be taking care of you.  I know you all love us so whats the hold up?  I've eaten pineapple and hot wings all day.  I don't recommend this combination.  It's not good.  I'm also up for suggestions.  I've tried some other things, but I'm only going to tell you the things I think are appropriate to talk about.  And that brings us to right now and thinking of all this has exhausted me.  I'm going to take a nap.


  1. dude she is probably fine! first babies are often late! lucca was 8 days late and still not coming out on her i got induced. which was a dream. hang in there...big belly and all. i am right there with ya, probably getting induced on Saturday. turns out 2nd babies aren't all that eager to greet the world either!

  2. oh hallie I know it is so frustrating waiting those last few days. It feels like the baby is never going to come, but sooner or later she WILL come out. She has to. Oh, and when i was pregnant with Annika I backed into a parked car...and I have sensors that beep incredibly loud when you get close to anything. Hang in there! We were also induced with our second and it went just fine. Soon enough you will have your beautiful babe. Excited you guys have a blog so I can see her;)

  3. sweet are beautiful and i hear your exhaustion. your baby is safe and sound in your belly and needs a few extra hours to bake before sleeping in her crib. she loves you so much and is so thankful that you have taken such good care of her throughout these last 10months. avery pulled the same stunt on me and i came to a point of reaching in and pulling her out i understand your frustration. her birthday is coming and we will celebrate with you on that glorious day. you're on the home stretch and remember you are beautiful and an amazing mother!!! love you!