Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not followers, just joiners

Since becoming pregnant we've learned a few things from our friends who are already in the parental game.  One, adding one to a table of two is not like bringing a friend, unless you're used to friends who can't feed themselves and are constantly demanding to be the center of attention which of course we don't know ANYONE like that ;)  Two, just getting in the car and going will never be the same, which when Steve heard this I think it scarred him for life and he would constantly remind me anytime we went anywhere that it would never be the same.  I think he planned to use this as a bargaining chip, much like I used we either get a puppy or a baby, your choice.  That sounds like I blackmailed him into this situation, which I didn't (I really was just trying to blackmail him into a puppy) and neither of which were results of my pestering.  And Three, everyone starts a blog.  So here we are.  Just to make sure we're all on the same page, we are joiners, not followers.  We would not jump off a cliff if any of our other friends did, and we did NOT get pregnant because everyone else was doing it.  Well yes and no to that last one, but that is not appropriate discussion for this Blog.

We (meaning I) are now at 30 weeks and falling apart.  I am not working until after the baby so I will have ample to time to keep you up to date on the goings on of my day, what I ate, what movie/movies I watched, and my pregnancy brain moments (which are catastrophic catastrophes in my mind).  We'll start there.

We have to move out of our sweet little duplex because there is no more room, even for a tiny human, not to mention all the extra stuff that comes along with her.  After a few weeks of my on edge hormones we found a place directly across the street.  I know right?  I'm pretty sure God was listening when we both exclaimed if only our place had an extra bedroom and a garage we wouldn't have to move at all.  Surprise, across the street the next morning was a two bedroom in the same layout as our current one bedroom with a garage!  I hope I amuse God, I would be amused by me if I was God.  Anyways, I started packing small things that I could lift, sorting papers, throwing things away...this is where it gets interesting...without looking at them.  After my Doctor's appointment the next day I had papers I needed to fax to the insurance company that needed to have our marriage license included.  Funny that the last time I saw it, it was on the dining room table, that I had cleaned off and thrown the papers away the previous day.  As I freaked out and tore the house apart looking for it I called my Mom (because Mom's know where everything is) hoping for I don't know what.  Really I called to ask if it was at her house in the way up mountains in the middle of Colorado, why it would be at her house I don't know and she asked why I would take it with me everywhere I went.  I don't.  But I do silly things, especially now.  After Feeling crummy about it all day, I was a little more hopeful when Steve arrived home from work and dutifully joined in the search, which wasn't very big since our house isn't very big.  Not ten minutes later he opened a drawer I had already looked in and PULLED IT OUT!!!  Oh pregnancy brain.

Until the next catastrophe worth writing about...